Candidate Lead Qualification

Candidate Lead Qualification - Prequalify, Prioritize and Place!

Prequalify and prioritize top candidates with a brief, mobile-friendly questionnaire based on your hiring requirements followed by simple, automated lead scoring. Mobile Talent’s candidate scoring system instantly filters your “qualified” candidates so your recruiters can focus efforts on getting the right candidates to the next level.

Whether you have 10 Candidates or 10,000 , Mobile Talent's candidate questionnaire and lead scoring helps you quickly zero in on the best talent:

  • Leads color coded by score ( Red, Blue, and Green)
  • Simple 1-10 “ranking” system
  • Custom qualification questions including knockouts
  • Customize questions by role or location
  • Pre-filter leads based on location and score
  • Send automated notifications ONLY to be received by your “qualified” candidates
recruitment questionnaire for candidates

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